ANTI-AGING FACE LIFTING MASSAGE  (60min/$65) or (80min/$80)

This is  a real alternative to invasive anti-aging treatments, that actually works! A solution for those, who concerns about appearance the signs of passing time, but hates the idea of injecting their face on a regular basis. This  massage designed to address symptoms of aging:  droopy face and eyelids, fine lines and wrinkles, dull, saggy skin, hyper-pigmentation and  discoloration.

Deep and  intensive but still pleasant massage provides a better blood circulation that brings oxygen to the tissues, eliminates metabolic wastes and toxins from the cells, stimulates cell metabolism, elastin and collagen  production, which  results into a tighter, firmer skin with a more youthful compexion,  more toned facial muscles, reduced wrinkles, which gives  the face a natural lift.

Also a great way to prevent aging and so the appearance of all those signs.

Recommended for people over 30-35 y.o.

Typical results after 1-3 treatments:

-lifts  eyebrows  and eyelids,  which "opens" your eyes, they appear bigger and brighter;

-reduces the craw's feet and forehead  wrinkles;

-diminishes dark areas under the eyes;

-reduces and softens naso-labial folds;

-corrects lower jawline.

Also helps with:

-headaches, insomnia and chronic tiredness;

-sinuses and TMJ problems;

-any scar tissues, uneven complexion;

-can improve your hearing, eyesight and sense of smell.

For the best  long-lasting results a customized program of 3-6-12 treatment is recommended.

60 min session includes warm stone neck and upper back massage.

An ideal Add-on for 60 min session is a Deep Heat Hands Therapy 20 min/$15

90 min session includes Deep Heat  Hands Therapy  and additional scalp massage OR bodywork (you choice) for deeper relaxation and better results.

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