RENEWAL CLARIFYING FACE  MASSAGE (60min/$65 or 80 min/$80)

This treament designed to transform your skin to clearer, healthier looking. It targets large pores, post acne and  other scar tissues, hyperpigmentation, discoloration, age spots, sun damage, uneven compexion, and other skin problems. Deep but gentle drainage techniques  help bring oxygen to the tissues, unclog stagnation and eleminate toxins and metabolic wastes, as well as balance oil production and boost skin cell renewal. All that purifies, detoxifies and restores cellular health and clarity.
Recommended for both young and adult problem skin.
Typical results after 1 treatment:
-tighter pores, less visible scars and spots
-even skin tone, better complexion,   natural glow
-softer fine lines and wrinkles
-clearer, healthier looking skin
Also helps with:
-headache, insomnia, chronic tiredness
-sinuses and TMJ syndrom
For the best long-lasting results a customized program of 3-6 treatments is recommended
60 min session  includes warm stone neck and upper back massage
90 min session includes warm stone neck massage, Deep Heat  Hands Therapy for soft silky skin  and  scalp massage OR bodywork (your choice) for deeper relaxation and better results.

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