REVITALIZING HONEY FACE MASSAGE   (60 min/$65) or (80 min/$80)

Experience one of the best PERFECTIONIST's  therapies for dry, saggy, sensitive  or mature skin. The healing power of honey is provided by its vitamines, minerals and biologically active substances that absorb toxins, waste products while hydrating and nourishing the skin. A combination of the healing propeties of honey with special massage strokes helps to remove the toxins, soften, tone and revitalize dull skin, reducing   wrinkles and fine lines. You will notice much brighter,  firmer, better hydrated skin after the first treatment.
Specialized  strokes stimulate reflexive zones of the internal organs on the face,  promoting revival of the whole body.
Ideal treatment for dry, sensitive or mature skin, a great way to prevent aging.
 Typical results after 1-3 treatments:
-reduces the craw's feet and forehead  wrinkles;
-reduces and softens naso-labial folds and lines around the lips;
-soften, toned,  hydrated, healthy glowing skin
Also helps with:
-headaches, insomnia and chronic tiredness;
-sinuses and TMJ problems
For the best  long-lasting results a customized program of 3  is recommended.
60 min session includes warm stone neck and upper back massage.
An ideal Add-on for 60 min session is a Deep Heat Hands Therapy 20 min/$15
90 min session includes Deep Heat  Hands Therapy  and additional scalp massage OR bodywork (you choice) for deeper relaxation and better results.

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