SCULPTING FACE MASSAGE  (60min/$65) or (80 min/$80)

This intensive but yet gentle and  relaxing massage is designed to target client's specific needs whether it is a "double chin", "puppy", or neck lines, swelling,  puffy eyes,  dark circles,  crows feet etc. Blends superficial and deep massage techniques.  Superficial massage techniques provides a powerful lymph drainage, which unclogs  stagnation,  flashes toxic fluid out,  promotes a better blood and lymph circulation for more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. Deeper techniques stimulate collagen growth and cell metabolism.

Good for all types of skin.

Can be helpful after a plastic surgery as it provides a powerful lymph drainage.

Typical results after 1-3 treatments:

-redefines contour of the face;

-reduces face swelling and eye puffiness;

-improves eyebrow lines and lifts eyelids; 

-lifts and redefines cheeks;

-diminishes dark areas under the eyes;

-soften naso-labial folds;

-firmer, glowing,  younger-looking  skin 

Also helps with:

-headaches, insomnia and chronic tiredness;

-sinuses and TMJ problems;

-any scar tissues, uneven complexion, discoloration;

-can improve your hearing, eyesight and sense of smell

For the best  long-lasting results a customized program of 3-6-12 treatment is recommended.

60 min session includes warm stone neck and upper back massage.

An ideal Add-on for 60 min session is a Deep Heat Hands Therapy 20 min/$15 

90 min session includes Deep Heat  Hands Therapy  and additional scalp massage OR bodywork (your choice) for deeper relaxation and better results.


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