Designed to achieve stunning results for your special day with just one treatment. 

To massage during this treatment we use a  new generation of European botanical line cosmetic products, rich in natural anti-oxidants, fruit acids, vitamins and collagen. Contemporary bio-technologies make them exeptionally effective. Intensive massage accelerates and maximizes the product benefits allowing you to feel and see the results immediatelly. 

Suitable for any age and  all skin types.

Typical results after 1st  treatment:

-the face appears  lifted, the jawline and eyebrows improved, forehead  open and lifted

-the eyes appear  to become bigger and brighter, crows feet and dark circles reduced

-the naso-labial folds softened

-the skin looks brighter, refreshed, hydrated and nourished with natural glow.

Also helps with:

-headache, insomnia, stress and anxiety

90 min session includes warm stone neck massage, Deep Heat  Hands Therapy for soft silky skin  and  scalp massage OR bodywork (you choice) for deeper relaxation and better results.

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