Pain Management

Pain Management/ Medical Massage is an outcome-based treatment of soft tissue of the body applied to the Specific Area of the body to target SPECIFIC PROBLEMS that the client presents (chronic pain, headaches, tight muscles, inflammation etc.).

Let's explore the difference between Medical /Clinical Massage and SPA therapy to help you choose the right kind of massage.


SPA massages are all about pampering and relaxation. They are typically full body massages.

Medical Massages do not focus solely on full body relaxation. The main focus is treating the conditions to provide real health benefits. The goal of a medical massage is to improve the quality of life by lowering muscle aches and restoring flexibility. However, both types effectively treat stress.


A SPA Massage is usually a regular Swedish Massage or Hot Stones

 At " Perfectionist Massage Therapy" we use Soft and Deep tissue Manipulation, stretch and positional release,, range of motions, Hot Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Neuromuscular Techniques, Myofascial Release, Osteopathic Manual Therapies, Trigger Point and Oriental Medicinal Techniques( pressure points on body energy lines, cupping) and elements of advanced Thai Massages on the massage table and on the floor mats. However, during a Medical Massage a professional uses a broader set of Modalities. With a great understanding of connective tissue and muscles, Therapists can provide a specialized treatment-oriented service

The exact combination of techniques will depend on the specific client needs and might vary from session to session.


Because there is a targeted plan, you and your Therapist will be working as a team. At your first visit you will discuss what you are looking for and what techniques will suit your needs, how often and how many sessions will be needed. To achieve the goal, we need your commitment versus sporadic spa visits.

The therapy sessions usually stop once the client has recovered or significant improvement achieved. Then  single sessions of SPA type massage with a little bit more attention to  that area are sufficient.

Often the client will also be given a self-care technique that they can do on their own at home


60 min targeted session focuses only on the head, face and neck with the added benefits of herb balm and essential oils. Provides sinus and lymphatic drainage and restores normal blood lymph circulation.

80 min session gives extra time for sinus steam treatment, reflexology or for 1 or more areas that need it most.


60 min targeted session focuses only on the neck, shoulder and upper back. Guaranteed results after the first session.

80 min session provides extra time for add-ons or for 1 or 2 more areas that need it most.


60 min session targets mid and lower back, hips and glutes. Guaranteed improvement after the first session.

80 min session provides extra time for advanced techniques or 1 or 2 more areas that need it most.


60 min session includes hot towels, exfoliating back scrub, essential oils, herb balm and MASSAGE of your neck, shoulders, mid back, lower back and glutes.

80 min session provides extra time for advanced techniques or 1 or 2 more areas that need it most.


60 min session targets swollen achy feet. includes hot towels, exfoliating foot scrub, feet and calve though massage.

80 min session provides time for lower body lymphatic drainage. You will enjoy the results right after the session.


60 min or 80 min session combines a full body massage with a facial acupressure. A highly concentrated plant oil on your choice will be added to massage oil or lotion to help unwind and restore your mind. Light pressure, long gliding strokes target the nerve endings and help to unwind and restore your mind and body: increasing circulation, clearing out accumulated stress. 


 We developed this massage by carefully selecting the most effective techniques from Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese and Russian Siberian Massages to treat acute and chronic low back pain, sciatica, stiff neck, frozen shoulders, feet and hip pain, myofascial disorders, stress, depression, headaches and much more. This treatment is popular for its quick results and long lasting powerful effect. It is performed on the mat on the floor, no oil is applied so the clients stay fully dressed during the session. Therapists use their hands, knees, legs and feet to put you into a Yogo-like stretch to eliminate stress, tension and stiffness.

*60 min Full Body session
*80 min sessions allow more time for advanced techniques to 1 or 2 more areas that need it most


Adapted to European and American standard Thai Massages performed on a massage table, no oil is applied. The client is fully dressed during the session. Targets deeper muscles and structures that cant be reached through applying classical modalities. Recommended to anyone and as a comfortable step to the *Perfectionist Deep Tissue Yoga Massage* performed on the floor mat.

*60 min Full Body session
*80 min session allows more time for advanced techniques to 1 or 2 areas that need it most.

From our clients.....

Justin C.- Edmond, OK

I had the neck and shoulder massage and it felt wonderful!!!

Elaine N.-Edmond, OK

I have been going to Natalia at Perfectionist Massage for 6 months and each session has been an introduction to a new method. My most recent session was on the floor and i had muscles massaged that i didnt know exsisted! She makes sure to explain how each massage may make you feel so that im prepared for what is to come. Her office is clean and welcoming and the music is calming. Oh and let me not forget about the fragrance oils she mixes special for you. You cant go wrong with Perfectionist Massage!!!

Ashley L.- Oklahoma City,OK

Natalia was truly amazing! Highly professional, knowledgeable & thorough......already booked my next appt. next week. I highly recommend this incredible experience to everyone!!!

Hannah M.- Yukon, OK

Natalia is amazing, I cant tell you how much better i felt after my first treatment.

Renee S.-Ponca City, OK

Great massage and new location. Great massage therapist from Russia. I already have an appointment to return. Difficult to find someone similar in OKC.

Lynda H.- Edmond, OK

What an amazing massage! Im so impressed with the therapy i received from Natalia. Her unique blend of medical and relaxation is something I've never experienced!! Highly suggest her for Therapeutic and relaxation.

Sydney K.- Yukon,OK

Excellent professional! I have already been back multiple times. I highly recommend Natalia. When i explained my issues she provided excellent recommendations improving my overall wellness.


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