Pregnancy Massage

NEW!!! Affordable Prenatal Care

Quick Fix Time&Money Saver

  30 min Pain Relief Sessions for Moms-to-be!!! 

Carefully selected  techniques quickly relieve  pregnancy-related  body discomfort. Clients keep their clothes on. 

        $31  one session

        $58   two sessions

        $81   three sessions

        $100   four sessions

        $115  five sessions 

                The packages can be shared between friends or family members. 

                Prices are good through October 2017.


Designed to relieve pregnancy-related pain, stress and tension. A professional cushion for pregnancy massages  we utilize enables you to lie on the stomach  which  provides a back pain and muscle tension relief. Aromatherapy helps with morning sickness, edema, restless legs and other pregnancy ralated disorders. Music played in the background is highly recommended  for moms-to be and unborn babies. Soothing face massage provides further relaxation and energize.


Helps to return bodies to normal faster.

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