Stress Management

Stress is a prevalent component in today's fast-paced world which can negatively affect your body, your thoughts and feelings, and your behavior. Symptoms of chronic stress include irritability, anxiety, and depression, headaches or insomnia. Unchecked stress often contributes to health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart desease, obesity and diabeties. Chronic stress is a factor in some behavior like  overeating or not eating enough, alcohol or drug abuse, or social withdrawal.On-going stress undermines the immune system, making you are more susceptible to viral illnesses and infections. 

Under stress your nerve system becomes highly activated, body releases stress hormones that cause your blood vessels to constrict and raise your blood pressure. Frequent or chronic stress makes your heart work too hard for too long, raising your risk of hypertension and putting you at high risk of having a stroke or heart attack. Stress hormones tighten your  muscles up. If you're constantly under stress, they don't get the chance to relax. Tight muscles cause headaches, back and shoulder pain, and body aches. Over time, you might stop exercising and turn to pain medication, setting off an unhealthy cycle. 

As pressure mounts you can find yourself in a constant state of agitation, reacting to not only actual events, but to anticipated events and memories.

Research shows, that massage relief stress by affecting the body's biochemistry.It lowers the level of stress hormones and increases the pruduction of serotonin and dopamine ("hormones of joy and pleasure") by 53% and create a state of deep relaxation. It also  refocuses your attention on the here and now, breaking your cycle of mental agitation.

Massage immediately  relieves  painful  muscle tension. Though the effects of single session  may be temporary, a well spaced series  can actually reverse chronic muscle contraction. Massage also stimulates the release of endorphins, your body's natural painkillers.

Cleansing out stress hormones and waste products and flooding your tissues with oxygen and nutrients, massage reduces your mental fatigue and improves your ability to concentrate and attend your problems. It gives you a renewed sense of optimism which can lasts for days. Restful sleep following a massage  gives your body a chance to further repair and restore your energy levels.

"ENIGMA" (MOTHER'S TOUCH) FULL BODY MASSAGE  (60min/$65) or (80min/$80)

This PERFECTIONIST SIGNATURE TREATMENT incorporates the essence of your favorite body butter, scalp, facial and full body massage. Light pressure and long strokes  target superficial  nerve endings providing a state of deep relaxation and creating the sensention of happiness and enjoyment. In 60 min session we focus on the scalp, face and  upper body massage. 80 min session allows more time on the rest of the body. The treatment helps to restore the whole body and achieve that so desirable mind-and-body balance, leaving  you feeling relaxed but energized. You are definitely going to like the "bonus effect"-toned, glowing, younger looking skin.


This stress relieving treatment combines a full body massage with a facial acupressure. A highly concentrated plant oil on your choice will be added to massage oil or lotion to help unwind and restore your mind.  Light to medium pressure long gliding strokes increase circulation, clearing out accumulated stress hormones and waste products that make you feel tired and sore. Facial acupressure enhances and prolongs a sense of well-being after the treatment.

"OAK GARDEN" (DEEP TISSUE) FULL BODY MASSAGE  (60min/$65) or (80min/$80)

This treatment designed for those, who prefer deeper muscle work. Slow, deep pressure targets stressed muscles  to unlock  tension and relieve pain. This is a  customized service which can involve a variety of massage techniques such as  a trigger point treatment, MFR, NMT, heat, stretching and  succion cups . to loosen your muscles  and reverse chronic muscle contraction. Can leave you feeling a bit sore the next day.

"SANDY BEACHES" FULL BODY (HOT STONES) MASSAGE(60min/$65) or (80min/$80)

A very comforting and healing treatment with all-natural Peruvian Basalt stones. This customized treatment allows to adjust stones' temperature   to meet your individual needs and comfort. Penetrating heat of the stones immediately elicit deep relaxation, soothing the nervous system and melting the stress. It feels like soaking in a hot tub only 10 times better.  -Rebecca H, OKC   Stone massage can be especially helpful for people with fibromialgia, arthritis and sinuses pain.  I have  rheumatoid arthritis. The tiny heated stones that were placed between my toes eradicated all of my leg pain. ---Pamela A, OKC.

"ENERGY WINGS" FULL BODY TREATMENT  (60min/$65) or (80min/$80)

Stress and other conditions  often cause muscles spasm which results in disruption or imbalances in the flow of life energy through the body, correlating to physical, mental and emotional illnesses. This holistic treatment is proved to produce quick results  and brings the body's energy and blood flow back into balance. The client wears loose comfortable clothing during the session. The therapist may use rub, press, knead roll and pat areas of concern around the body to open the body's defensive system and get the life energy moving in the meridians and the muscles. "After the session I feel as if I received the amount of energy I needed to bring my mind and body into balance" - Sabrina M, 56  "I love this treatment for the long lasting results...-Rachel K, 32. "I feel relaxed but energized by the treatment. It also helps with insomnia and chronic headaches",-Alexandra Y, 43.

ANTI-AGING FACE LIFTING MASSAGE  (60min/$65) or (80min/$80)

This is  a real alternative to invasive anti-aging treatments, that actually works! A solution for those, who concerns about appearance the signs of passing time, but hates the idea of injecting their face on a regular basis. This  massage designed to address symptoms of aging:  droopy face and eyelids, fine lines and wrinkles, dull, saggy skin, hyper-pigmentation and  discoloration.

Deep, intensive but still pleasant massage provides a better blood circulation that brings oxygen to the tissues, eliminates metabolic wastes and toxins from the cells, stimulates cell metabolism, elastin and collagen  production, which  results into a tighter, firmer skin with a more youthful compexion,  more toned facial muscles, reduced wrinkles, which gives  the face a natural lift.

Also a great way to prevent aging and so the appearance of all those signs.

Recommended for people over 30-35 y.o.






From our clients......

Heather T.-Oklahoma City, OK


Jennifer D. -Oklahoma City, OK

Was extremely happy with the hot stone massage. Very relaxing and soothing...will be booking my next massage soon.

Lacey R.-Midwest City, OK


Steven P.-Yukon, OK

Wonderful hot stone massage experience and very gracious and attentive staff. Will definitely return!

Emma P.-Oklahoma City, OK

The hot stone was amazing! Natalia was absolutely wonderful. She was pleasant, knowledgeable, and very attentive. I booked two more sessions after my first visit and i will be recommending her to ll my friends, family, and coworkers

Paula B.- Choctaw, OK

Completely relaxing! Natalia is a knowledgeable professional.

Jackie H.-Oklahoma City, OK

The stones were relaxing

Harriet N.-Guthrie, OK

Go here for a relaxing massage that makes your skin glow.

Sarah R.-Spencer, OK

The massage was so refreshing. Have recommended to ppl already

Kasey H. - Edmond, OK

The hot stone massage was the best. very relaxing. Great stress relief! Highly recommend. I will definitely be back!!

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